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Zellige: Hand made in Morocco

zellige, zillij or zellij. all names for brilliantly colored terra cotta tiles from morocco. now available in stock at clé. moroccan zellige tiles are known for the sparkle and shine that comes from all their flaws and the wildly irregular shade variations of their drippy translucent glazes. an authentic zellige (pronounced zill-eejh') acquires its coloring from the historic clay body that is a rich terracotta, inherently forcing it's hue through all the glazes. if you're tired of the same-ol same-ol, then this tile born from a 10th century tile-making craft has arrived just in time for you!

our lovely zellige is all handmade in morocco. formed from the moroccan earth, and baked in kilns fired by burning olive pits.

color variations? it isn't authentic zellige without wild variations of color and shade!

glaze variations? the zellige glazes have a lovely gloss surface that will have specks and flaws and undulations of surface. this varying and glossy finish can best be described as a "sequin-like" surface. 

so if you don't like chips, cracks pits etc, etc, we recommend that zellige magic is NOT for you!

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"zelliges are the sequins of the tile world imparting their glimmering, hand-cut goodness to surfaces in need of moroccan magic. zellige has the unique power to transform any space it's in - and i think that is because it is the orginal prima material of the tile world." - deborah osburn