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Clé Essentials Collection

kitchen photo | paige jones , shower photo | stefani stein

clé now offers subway and penny rounds so you can get all of the tile you need for your project in one convenient stop. 

white subway tile have been de rigueur for tiled walls for decades now. it continues to be a staple, and here at clé we like to call it the jeans and t-shirts of tile. it goes with everything and is an absolute essential!

another essential for design projects are penny rounds. they continue to be a staple for use in walls and floors. capable of offering the great style and durability of mosaic tiles, penny rounds also have an enduring twist of mid-century to current styling. for floors, they provide a great slip resistant surface that can be easily molded around curbs and rounded surfaces. for walls penny rounds offer a visual texture that is meticulous and refined.