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holiday sparkle - zellige is the sequin of the tile world.

Wed, Dec 09, 2015

zellige, zillij, or zelij. at clé we like to refer to these hand crafted, glazed and hand cut tiles as the "sequin" of the tile world.  

we know you've seen them. they get a lot of attention no matter where they are used. cladding your favorite walls- creating the most fascinating floors- or taking this visual party to both walls and floors

...zelij manages every surface with artistic imperfection!

hand crafted by amazing artisans in morocco, you really can't get a tile more exotic than zelij. the process does not involve one segment of the industrial revolution. instead, each and every tile has emerged from the earth around morocco and is formed by hand into little slabs of tiles that are then fired in kilns fueled by olive pits. (you can't make this stuff up!)

they've made zillij the very same way since earlier than the 14th century. that's a lot of years of sparkle and shine. 

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if you've ever been lucky enough to visit morocco, zelij will be one of the most predominant and magical visuals of your visit.

available in a variety of vibrant colors- the impact of their juicy and colorful glazes are nothing short of spectacular.

however, even taking a singular and otherwise neutral shade such as white, zillij will instantly transform this mundane color into a full of surface of sparkle and shine. 

so if you have a wall or floor that requires more than the average tile can offer, zillij will take it to that next level. shade variation? surface variation? textural variation? zellige gives you all of the above, plus so much more.

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