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tiles aren't created equal: why high end tile is worth the investment

Thu, Sep 03, 2015

surfaces will be one of the chief investments in your property. they both define and protect your spaces from heat, moisture, and wear and tear. and along with creating heirloom surfaces that will last for generations, tiles are also a major design statement.

in the past 20 years, clients in the U.S have begun to realize what the rest of the world has enjoyed for centuries- that high end tiles are as much an art form as they are a source of protection and longevity.

previous to this 20 year discovery, the history of U.S tile usage has only been one of protection in heavy traffic floors, showers, pools etc. however, the history of tile in the rest of the world has been one of art, prestige and, yes, even civic pride. that’s a lot different from making sure your kitchen floor stands up to a house full of kids.

tile can be much more than a protective finish. but how much should tile cost? and what is the difference between tile that costs $1 per SF…or $100 per SF?

when adding tile to a home or other design project, most of the expense goes to the installation side of a tile project, therefore it makes sense to choose the tiles that will not only support your finishes, but last generations. it’s vital that they also be used to reflect beauty and the individuality of the project or the homeowner.

here’s what you’re paying for, and how to choose…

all tile isn’t created equal: high end tile vs. budget tile

1) artisan tiles-

unlike mass produced tiles available through home depot, artisan tiles that grace your home or project is made by an actual artist.

there are so many amazing tiles and amazing tile makers that go undiscovered. we love to seek out these new artists and present their works to a newly emerging tile audience.

so when we bring these unique and never-before-seen art tiles to market, we offset the cost of making handcrafted tile on a smaller scale, by selling and offering tiles, directly, through our eboutique. we make these unique and one-of-a-kind art tiles available at pricing that still manages to meet client’s budgets.

even unique art tiles at $25 per SF and up can be affordable, because typically fewer are used. they offer remarkable style and impact for the budget. with artisan tile, choose the tiles you love, knowing that somewhere, an artist poured their heart and soul into creating a piece of art that you’ll treasure for generations.

2) decorative tile: beautiful and hardworking.

of course, not every room in the house that needs tile, needs artisan or art tiles. we get that!

(though we just did a great laundry room- where the mom said – “i spend all day in this room- i want it full of art!” ... that use of art tiles made our day!)

if you are doing a play room, bath, or a service entry, you typically need a strong surface that looks great (like the rest of the project) and fits your budget. for these projects, subway tiles, porcelain tiles and other utility tiles can be long lasting and affordable…and have a great look, too!

decorative tiles can offer durability, affordability and outstanding style. from prices starting as low as $5 per SF. but know that all tile is not created equal. the difference between a $1 per SF tile and a $5 per SF tile comes down to 3 things-

a) low quality tiles will appear to look the same prior to installation but after paying all the costs to install the tiles- it‘s a shame when those tiles need to be replaced in less than 3 years time due to premature wear and tear.

b) these same budget tiles can only hit those price points based on materials of less quality. poor quality materials = poor quality tiles.

c) generally speaking- you get what you pay for in style too! if a tile is very low cost- it’s inherent the quality won’t be great- but you can almost certainly count on a less than stellar style and color, as well. and the tricky part about that? it may not show up until after it’s installed.

so now you know why, when it comes to choosing decorative tile for your home, you get what you pay for…and if you shop right, a little more budget goes a very long way!

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