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your white kitchen backsplash- it's all about high fashion art tiles!

Thu, Oct 04, 2012

fashion tells us a lot about an individual. and, is it just me, or has the entire human race become so much more concerned about our personal fashion presentation? let's face it, how we are dressed is our first calling card. it's good to make the right impression- yes?

and home fashion has become just as important for us when it comes to our nests. the access to more home design inspiration (blogs, tv, the web) has become much more prevalent, turning our eye toward a universe of possibilities.

today, our white tile extravaganza continues with a nod to a more high-brow elegance, with art tiles that will turn any (your?) kitchen backsplash into the tiled version of a givenchy gown.

what exactly might that mean? well for instance, take the lovely givenchy gowns, below. anyone anywhere would turn into a cinderella overnight in one of these willowy frocks. (sign me up!)

givenchy haute couture spring 2011 gowns

here are two high fashion clé tiles that will take your kitchen straight to the red carpet. get out your rouge and powder your noses!

hunt studio ripplehand sculpted white carrara "ripple" tiles by hunt studio


metallicized limestone tiles

metallicized limestone? click to learn about this beautiful, hand patina'd and oh so elegant tile.