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continued: our top 10 white tiles for your kitchen backsplash

Wed, Sep 26, 2012

last week we visited white tiles for the kitchen that had perfect imperfections and then took a fun white tile road trip through exaggerated subway tiles from our new urban porcelains. if you haven't caught the white tile bug yet because you feel they are just too obvious, well today's introductions of our "art house" version of white tiles will surely convert even the staunchest opponents.

first, there is nothing obvious about john whitmarsh's white end grain ceramic tiles with every single tile being hand pressed and formed by john, himself, then carefully hand loaded into art kilns in order to produce tiles that - though very minimalist white- are anything but mundane. a methodical artist with a keen eye for everyday details that you or i might walk past without notice, john reintroduces us to the everyday textures of our world in a modern elegant format.

we love john's end grain tiles for the kitchen backsplash- especially when paired with our favorite US made home cabinetmaker, henrybuilt- it's a match made in tile heaven!

john whitmarsh end grain tiles with henrybuilt kitchen cabinets

whitmarsh white end grain tiles                                  henrybuilt kitchen


did you ever see tom ford's movie, a single man? i swoon just thinking of it. between that movie and tilda swinton's, il sono amore, i can't get enough of these movies, the sets and the cool, elegant fashion and spaces. when i think of these spaces that hold such architectural presence i realize it's due to their salute to a specific period in time (a single man and the mid-century mystique) & (il sone amore and the severe milanese architecture). these references make me love the spaces so much more for the historic inspirations.

presently, design seems to be celebrating history as it pertains to a modern sentiment and for il monile and their modern mosaics, the "hand crafted" warmth of their sophisticated hand chiseled assemblages turns a mid-century twist on the art of mosaics by using a high fired porcelain to produce the ultimate in tactile tile. i want an entire kitchen wall in il monile's sensual mosaics just so i can run my fingertips across the surfaces while enjoying a morning coffee.

here, i've paired il monile's byzantina in moonlight with the lautner kitchen used for tom ford's haunting lead in a single man. white tiles never looked so good! (do i keep saying that?)

mid century