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white subway tile for your kitchen backsplash- top 10 clé favorites.

Tue, Sep 18, 2012

are you in the fortunate position of beginning to create your perfect new or remodeled kitchen backsplash? then chances are you've also been flipping through magazines, and combing through blogs, pinterest and houzz for the perfect tile.

it's amazing that after all these years, the number one tile for kitchen backsplashes is still white ceramic tile, white subway tile, or white stone tiles. and even though the use of white tiles for a kitchen splash is more tradition than trend, be clear that the traditional white ceramic tile and white marble tile, both pretty and pristine, have been replaced by gutsy, imperfect and resplendently hand-hewn not-so-white tiles of which you can be certain, no two tiles are ever alike.

and that's the best thing about them.

everyday this week we will share cle's top 10 favorite and extraordinary white tiles for the kitchen backsplash: 

today, for your hot, hip, and oh so artful nest:

1. moroccan zelliges

zelliges and vincent van duysen

white zelliges                                       kitchen by vincent van duysen

elegant and shimmering, moroccan zelliges are also known as north african tiles, and tunisian tiles. hand cut and hand glazed squares or rectangles of terra cotta clay; they give off a glimmer because of their irregular shapes as well as the unreliable firing atmosphere that turns their finish into varying shades of the same glaze. zelliges are selected because they are lively and unpredictable and we, at clé, love that quality for a kitchen splash OR bath. it's a look that is timeless...for at least the past several thousand years!


2. glazed brick tiles

glazed brick installation

"paper" glazed brick from clé   clé client's glazed brick installation 

matte or glossy, white glazed brick tiles are the urban, slightly industrial and distressed version of the standard white subway ceramic tile. with glazed brick tiles you forfeit the more regular edges and the 3x6 size of standard subway tiles for a thinner brick size with uneven hand cut edges. it's a mod-retro tile for a loft-like kitchen space. nothing says urban, quite like brick. and nothing is as modern for the home as glazed brick.


tomorrow, over sized ceramic tiles and traditional subway tiles with a twist...