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dish is it! on clé pinterest and on art blog, little owl design-

Mon, Aug 20, 2012

over at our rebelious sibling- tile envy- we've been trying to tap into all of you and your collective wisdom over the ongoing debate over pinterest's meteoric rise.

we just haven't been so sure about all the buzz and wanted to hear if pinterest was truly occupying everyone's waking hours- or just a grandiose amount of the obsessive crowd. for more on the debate click here.

but here at clé we have been stuffing our boards over at pinterest with every possible tile installation that we think is provocative and worth all of you checking out. but lest you think we are completely occupied with tile projects, we suggest you take a look at some of our other inspiration boards.

one of our favorite boards is called dish is it. if you are like us and you love oodles of plates and dishes used for decoration on walls and especially tiled walls- check out dish is it- while digging around for more pic's to pin on this board, we recently discovered a fun blog called little owl design. and what a discovery was to unfold. check out this sizable bounty of dish-licious dishes-

Double Flower Pots http://littleowl.eu/index.html


Fox Hunt http://littleowl.eu/index.html


garden with a roman urn, http://littleowl.eu/index.html


guitar player



to see all of this fun collection - please be sure to click on any of the above photos. there seem to be a few left for the taking!