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outdoor tile...from selection to sealants.

Tue, Apr 12, 2016
one of the most intriguing trends in residential and commercial design is the integration of the indoors with the out. this inside/outside trend creates a fluidity and openness of both spaces. 

in the previous decade we saw the formal living room being repurposed into the more useful and infinitely more comfortable "great room". if this is the only thing we abolished in the past design decade (that and the avocado and rust infused tuscan style) that would be a

mighty big evolutionary step in human nesting.

in this decade, as the success of the great room continues to transform the family dynamic from a separated affair into more of a group dynamic, this atmosphere of inclusion is one that begs to spill out into the great outdoors. 

and by utilizing the newly developed folding glass partitions along with other large articulating doors, architects and designers are finding it easier and more beautiful to make this transition a beautiful one.

at clé we love indoor/outdoor transitions and have a host of great outdoor tile choices that make this trend not only tasteful but absolutely useful too. what does that mean? well, due to the elements- not all types of tile are cut out for exterior exposure. here's a few that make the transition from outdoor patio tile to indoor flooring, perfectly-

cement tiles (see image below) are not only lovely, they are also useful indoors and out. the coefficient of friction (for you professional types) is rated for outdoor areas including wet areas, in warm areas.

Shop outdoor Terracotta tiles 

and if used in those colder climates- tile sealing with waterproof sealants and shielded under a bit of flashing- cement tiles can be used on vertical walls from your inside wall through to spice up those big (or small) terrace walls.

glazed brick tile (see header below) are another winning surface to clad the walls of your insides and outs, and clé glazed brick tiles are amongst the few bricks that are high-fired for a truly freeze/thaw finish that can weather the low temps and clear through to the highs. 

terracotta tile (see image below)- are you a fan of the re-emerging mediterranean tile trend? us, too! we think terra cotta tile- new and antique gives any home- modern or traditional - a boost of authentic, primal earthiness like no other tiles. and if you think that works for your inside floors as well as your out- then you're right. and if properly sealed, then you can use them out of doors in the sunnier climates.

who says looks aren't everything?