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zellige - why these glazed terracotta tiles are hot

Fri, Mar 11, 2016

subway tiles are like the jeans and t-shirts of any tile wardrobe. classic and an easy choice, they can give one a feeling of comfort or safety while selecting tiles for our kitchen backsplashes and bathroom tiles. 

but lately, we've been noticing that clients are ready to start mixing it up in order to infuse a flair of interior design detail. because, why smile when you can swoon??

zellige shines with that swoon-factor, every time. you can still get the look of subway if you still want that touch of a classic tile setting. but when safe feels like a fence instead of a diving board- it's great to know you can take that leap forward with zellige. check out our subway-sized zellige, below. 

pulsing with delightful artistic imperfection, whether brightly colored or of a more subdued neutral, the warmth of the moroccan terracotta clay peeks through the rich glazes of zellige, adding interesting shading and texture. light dances and sparkles off the textured surface, creating interesting movement and sheen without pattern.

designers have been flocking to these handmade terracotta beauties for quite some time. it’s only a matter of time before these “must have” tiles will steal the hearts of homeowners too.


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photo one | by romain ricard 

if you’re using a black and white color scheme, it may be time to take a journey into the world of zellige to add character and interest to monochromatic interiors. the world of famed belgian designers like our favorites, axel veervordt and vincent van duysen, have long recognized the neutral beauty of these reflective tiles. they add a sparkle and energy to modern-rustic interiors where austerity gets a bit of a kick with the water-like finish of zellige. 

photo two | stiff + trevillion

we love earthy tones combined with any color. and there isn’t a color on the spectrum that would refuse a pairing with deep earthy brown design elements.

kitchens, baths, and other interior landscapes transition into this world of sophistication and style when using zellige, as these photos show!