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it’s here, have fear…halloween pin-fest

Tue, Oct 04, 2016

header image | linnea sandbakk and deborah osburn

a halloween perspective from clé's president/creative director deborah osburn

this month it’s hard to ignore all the halloween festivities.

i’m not big on costumes but i love candy corn! and speaking of orange- i love orange but not necessarily with black. but i dooooo love to wear black.

and forget about haunted houses- i go through my own nightmare once the sour patch kids hit my belly full of twix sticks and snickers. but it’s all worth it- yes??

oh halloween- so hallowed for some, maybe not so much for others- but until the beloved day- here’s a ride through halloween via our clé pinterest! where else can you gather crows, andy warhol’s rorschach, carlo scarpa and marina abramovic in one fell swoop?


Pin with us! 

halloween won’t come fast enough for those of you who love to consort with the spirits, or for whom that halloween costume is already in the works.

i hope this post inspires a new fashion/art/architectural take on the haunted hallows that will be lurking until the end of october. 



above images top left to right | m(air)ly, marina abramović, paul kilsby, andy warhol, mathew cravenchris schroeer-heiermann
below images top left to right | richard serra, deborah osburn, dries van noten, elsa muñoz

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