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did someone say hexagonal tile? inspiration for your next project

Wed, Sep 30, 2015

photos | kessara via instagram, judd lysenko marshall

hex tile has become one of the most popular tile shapes in recent times. their beloved shape is the perfect compliment to your next commercial design project.

in the following q & a, clé founder deborah osburn shines some light on this trend, and shares her thoughts on how to make the most of hexagon tile in your next restaurant, spa, salon, or other commercial design project.

what trends or inspirations led to cle's new cement hexagonal tiles? why these colors and designs and patterns, and why now?

in my last post “whats all the buzz around hexagonal tile?" I explained why I believe this shape is currently trending. it's the darling of design shapes. and because of that, we wanted to be sure to explore the hex shape in a favorite material of ours, and another current darling of design - encaustic cement tiles. 

here are a few reasons we love this combination. just the cement color palette alone, makes for some amazing hexagon tile choices.

encaustic cement tile surfaces are reminiscent of soft suede, in feel and tonality which, combined with shades that get muted and powdery from the cement pigments- make cement hexagonal tile hard to resist for style and substance.

solid color hex tiles are simple, elegant and stylish. for instance, shown above, a black hex tile wall is hard to beat for a bold design statement.

create a blend of the same shade, or add in a contrast color, like deep blue, in the mix or even design a custom blend of unexpected colors like green, pink and cream and it can go from being a neutral blend to the star of the project.

patterns have swept the design world off its feet recently. we're seeing more vibrant patterns in fashion, textiles, rugs and mosaics. encaustic cement tile is best known for vibrant tile patterns, too. if you combine bold pattern into a hex shape- it’s an irrestistable blend. 


whats all the buzz around hexagonal tile?

when it comes to hexagon tile in general, what should design professionals know about this material?

when using hexagonal tile, your design options grow exponentially! a hexagon is made up of 6 sides instead of the standard 4 sides that make up a rectangle or square tile. those 2 extra sides really add up to a myriad of pattern possibilities. Then if you adorn this six sided shape with a pattern - the design possibilities grow even more!

therefore, if you have a project that needs a lot of variety but you'd like to keep a balance to the overall contrasts within the scheme- a hexagonal shaped tile is the perfect solution.

what does the choice of hexagon tile say about the style of the client? (bold, adventurous, classic, modern, etc.)

all of the above. if you take a single color hex – say black- this is instantly a classic surface. but add white to the black hex’s and it instantly becomes bold and dramatic. throw in a patterned black and white hex and it’s now very adventurous!

when it comes to hexagon tile, what are some design or planning mistakes to avoid? 

generally, with tile installations there needs to be a 10% increase to the quantities when ordering. however, with hexagons- you need to order 15% more to be on the safe side. also, there can be more installation questions with regard to trimming edges and niches. but if you have a good installer- (and 15% more for cuts) you’ll sail through with no worries at all!

wrap up: last week, we talked all about why hexagon tile is so popular, if you missed it you can read it here. as much as we love the simple square, we love hex tiles even more!  this week, anyway:)

as always, if you love tile as much as we do and have used them in a project, please share your project photos with us. they inspire us!