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hexagon tiles - what’s all the buzz?

Tue, Sep 22, 2015

photos | header image by cereal magazine

cement hexagonal tiles, in general, have become one of the most popular tiles in recent times.

in the following q & a, clé founder deborah osburn shines some light on this trend, and shares her thoughts on how to use hexagon tiles to rev up your next commercial design project.along with the international popularity of this beloved tile shape - hexagon cement tiles seem to be a particular standout right now.  

why is hex tile such a classic form as well as a currently trending one?

i think it has to do with our love of the humble honeycomb – ZZZZZZZ. it’s an organic shape that is equally compelling and comforting. it’s about a home, as well as a workplace.

i truly think that our love of hex’s do stem from something as primitive as those busy honey bees. in a world that would be lost without them - the architectural  design world is responding to our need for these crafty creatures and their incessant forming of their sturdy shapes.

then there’s all that honey. What’s not to love?!

what are some of the other design categories that are similarly enchanting us with their honeycomb shapes?

it’s probably easier to mention the product categories that haven’t been utilizing this lovely hexagon, but amongst my favorites have been – tables, chairs, rugs, shelves, plates, and ottomans.

you’ve discussed the classic honeycomb tile pattern using the hex shape. what are some of the other dominant shapes that are showing up in the design world right now? Are there other less common patterns that are developing beyond all this hex attention?

though hexagons seem to be the frontrunner for trending geometric shapes, other shapes are picking up steam as well, such as - diamonds, chevrons, scallops and long rectangles that are used to create the favorite herringbone pattern.

there has also been some glimpses of new variations of honeycomb tiles. can you share some examples?

see below for some fresh, modern takes on hexagonal tiles that have caught my eye ...

still curious about these popular tiles?

next week, we'll continue the conversation about hexagon tile (read here), and deborah will offer some suggestions about how to rev up your next commercial design project with them.

want a new way to play with clé? in stock cement hexagon tiles ship free ... so have fun!