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we're vexed by hex's...grey cement hexagon tile!

Mon, Mar 07, 2016

photos | wichmann + bendtsen via dwell

a while ago, paola navone created one of the most widely circulated cement tile installations of all time! not even kidding! see images below. 

the hexagon tiles themselves were an unexpected combination of grey's, AND the use of them carving their way into the heart of their wood floor companion was beyond anyone's concept of the coolest floor, ever! 

the entire renovation of a 200 year old factory space into a single family residence was my own private heaven!! bring it on!! not to mention the cement tile bath replete with patchwork cement black/white/gray floors and ever-so sexy all black cement tile shower. my heart be still.

so you can be sure that we've received boat loads of requests for a medley of grey hex's just like paola's creation. 

Shop Grey Hex 

so we decided to do our own version of a medley of grey's (see header image) - only giving it a bit of a twist with more subtle warmer shades of grey. and the results...well see for yourself! 

go ahead, we dare you to create a dream floor or wall and mix with a white or black companion wall or floor! thanks paola navone for continuing to stir the hearts and passions of the design world!! we're in awe of your style and sensibilities!