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green envy

Wed, Mar 15, 2017

not typically a fan of shades of green, we decided to begin to collect emerald-colored images onto a pinboard to see if they continued to capture our curiosity. we can’t believe it’s already managed to become one of our favorite pinboards. inspired by these beautiful images we have added green colorways to many of our cement patterns and even our watermark! who knew shades of green would capture us and our clients curiosity in such a big way? 

filled with mostly art, fashion, spaces and places (and tiles!) we thought it would be fun to entice you all to “follow” clé's pinterest this year as we weave through a 2017 filled with emerald envy. please be sure to click on the collage, below, to watch as our emerald inspiration unfolds (and hopefully how yours does too). 


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green  collage | emerald pinboard

header image | melissa hom and michael wiltbank | cindered olive zellige