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Like fashion... mixing hi/lo is the best trend - Part 1

Wed, Dec 14, 2016

is it just us, or have you noticed that the entire human race has become really adept with their personal fashion presentation? thanks to fashion savvy folks the streets look far better than the runway!

but, let’s face it- how we are dressed represents our first calling card. so naturally, it’s good to make the right impression- yes? and following in a close second for personal design acuity is our growing home fashion sense. again, thanks to the internet we seem to be finely tuning our skills with regard to fitting our nests with the latest and greatest. our access to more home design inspiration (blogs, tv, the web) has become one of our favorite past-times, turning our eye toward a universe of possibilities we probably would have never experienced, otherwise. 


and just like personal fashion, the trend to mix hi/lo for a sophisticated blend of style has flowed to our home fashions. a quick look on your favorite designers' instagrams will show you how mixing high-end investment pieces with personal heirlooms, vintage finds and garage sale treasures is the way to create the best spaces. 

in today's blogpost, we celebrate this spirit of mixing high with low with some mesmerizing pairings of our artisan tile collections mixed with our clé classic tiles. depending on your budget, clé offers some inspirations to help you make your own tile hi/lo magic with your pennies or your black american express!! 


pairing 1 | black penny rounds, glazed terracotta weathered white, and forrest lesch middelton's origins | shop this pairing 



pairing 2 | shakespeare artist cement, black pennyrounds, glazed terracotta scribe's ink | shop this pairing 



hilo 3_4 .jpg

pairing 3 | black penny rounds, boris's elements collection, zellige in cerulean blue | shop this pairing 

pairing 4 | black penny rounds, white subway, ruan hoffman istanbul wave | shop this pairing 


pairing 5 | malachite, happy blue cement, and handmade watermark in gold verdigris | shop this pairing

pairing 6 | white penny rounds, watermark in indigo, and zellige in ancient sea | shop this pairing 

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