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a california tour of a classic - white subway tile

Fri, Sep 02, 2016

white subway tile continue to be an essential for the kitchen . it's been over-the-top sparkly shiny beautiful weather in california. summer is coming to an end and before we say goodbye we thought it would fun to take one last long drive on the coast. classic right? 

we invite you to sit back and enjoy the ride as we cruise along the coast of this remarkable month in california from san francisco down to LA, enjoying some of the most milky white and subtley delicious uses of our favorite white tiles for your perfect kitchen backsplash. our tiles get their coll from taking tradition and turning it up a notch or two, or three...


our first stop is march, sf (shown in header). 

pictured below are 6" X 12" oversized subway tiles. 

we started seeing this new take on subway tiles in a few of our favorite cooking shops around the globe. one such favorite shop is the ahhhh-worthy, march sf. it is owned by a previous alice waters trained chef whose food expertise is only rivaled by her great taste in kitchenware and kitchen design. along with our favorite range from british tradition - AGA, and march's carefully selected kitchen items is the enormous wall of oversized white subway tiles which clad every inch of wall from floor to ceiling. 

from our clé essentials collection, we feature a similar porcelian subway tile in a new classic size: 4" X 12". that's a size that we call stately, mature and full of confidence! 


our second stop is bottega louis in LA - traditional subway tiles with an elongated size. 

sometimes it’s not what you wear but how you wear it! at bottega louis in LA, it’s all about that. from tables to chairs, plate to cutlery- all the added goodness you expect from a world-class food emporium is there. but due to the special magic taking place in this wondrous realm o’treats- the sum of the whole is greater than it’s parts.

for instance, take the simplicity of most of their decor (click here to see more)- simple table settings, carrara floors, white subway tiles, and add a few touches of gold-encrusted antique buffets, tufted black leather banquettes…well you get the idea!

so back to our topic- yummy white subway tiles with a bit of a twist (in this case, slightly elongated). 

at clé we take the idea of subway tiles to heart by offering this traditional concoction in nearly any imaginable size. all of which is lovingly hand-cut from the finest porcelain clay body. perfect in a simple space or in one that’s resplendent with luxe. we can’t get enough of white subway tiles and challenge you to take this humble tile and turn it into your own signature look. bottega louis did! 


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