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transforming rio brazil with graffiti - coletivo muda tile

Thu, Aug 11, 2016

header photo | coletivo muda 

illicit scribbling on public spaces is still a punishable crime. however, since the the 90′s it has slowly been captivating the world and the world of art where it has eventuated into the pilfering of chunks of urban landscape in order to be sold to the highest bidder. graffiti has come a loooong way…


in brazil, MUDA is a group of designers and architects who have taken their art to the streets with their own artistic expression formed using ceramic tiles. as quoted in the rio times“Moving beyond the identifiable aesthetics of modern graffiti and into a yet-to-be-defined potential of what public art can be. Their medium, ceramic tiles.” 

above photos | ricardo basseti, coletivo muda 

MUDA’s use of ceramic tile pushed them into studying the various ways that ceramic tiles have been used to tell a specific history all around the world. for centuries, governments have commissioned installations of ceramic tile to tell a “glazed” version of the story of their community. a sort of ceramic state of the nation.  and brazil is widely noted for their own vast history of public ceramic embellishments.

the rio times explains that MUDA can be translated as both the imperative “you change!” but also refers to the seedlings of plants, and brazil is the perfect soil for muda’s seedlings.


in a previous blog post, (see here) we focused on the revered works of brazilian artist, athos bulcão, who decorated a host of oscar niemeyer projects with the intent of showing the glory and endurance of a new brazil. MUDA is more than a nod to bulcão.

brazilian street art by coletivo muda

above photos | MUDA's instagram

clé is so proud to have MUDA as one of our cement tile designers. we have been following them for quite some time and are inspired by their designs, as well as their commitment to transforming the world around them. 

facing the challenge of using a new medium (cement tile), muda brought their specific street dynamic to a different approach.


MUDA's cement tile line is a testament to their passion for encouraging all to create their own unique space. you can check it out here

if you can't get enough of coletivo muda (we certainly can't) be sure to follow them on instagram!


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