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clé springing black and white tiles all over april...

Thu, Apr 02, 2015

photos | phil sanchez

much appreciation to consort design and domain home for including our checkered past cement tile in this amazing black and white self-described "urban chic" house for fall out boy guitarist  - joe trohman. a fireplace has never looked so good! 

rock stars, they have all the luck! stadiums full of adoring fans, beautiful mates, amazing cribs....and now, the best tiles, too!?

well, even if your fan base won't fill a stadium, we're sure that everything else in a rock star's life is pretty close to stardom for you! so to further insure your near-rock-star-status, we're working to show you the coolest and best from clé so that your tiles can be equally as HOT as any rock star's!

it's all about black and white tiles... 

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