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ruan hoffmann's art tiles, much love me...all over the place, yeah!

Sun, Apr 13, 2014

ruan hoffmann's much love me series - is already a classic of art tiles. rarely have we ever shown this series of tiles to less than astonished responses. clé's collection of limited edition tiles in 12x12 limestone will literally take your breath away.

so imagine when you see a full wall or floor using this series??

we just archived and packed much love me's triangle pattern for this latest clé project. we have no idea where they are using this large quantity of tiles, but we are very, very envious.

triangle pattern from much love me by ruan hoffmann

the triangle pattern seen above is now completely sold out.- but there are a few more of the art pieces still available. if you haven't seen all of this ground-breaking collection- see below,

much love me ruan hoffmann

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to shop ruan hoffmann's much love me collection (click here)