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art tile, cement tile and anthropologie.

Mon, Mar 24, 2014

we all love anthropologie at clé.

it's all about their bon vivant "i-don't-give-a" attitude and those windows! forget barney's windows- and give us anthro's brimming with trees made from telephone directories or fish crafted from old LP's (swimming upstream, i might add!). who needs a limitless budget when you've got an imagination!

but then they throw in their willingness to feature quirky works of art and to host an entire one man show of favorite clé artist- ruan hoffmann, and it's just more icing on that delcious retail cake of theirs.

so after recieving anthropologie's most recent catalog- we realized it was time to do a blog post showing just what kindred spirits we think we are with them (or do we all think that about ourselves and anthropologie?)

anthropologie, cement tile, and ruan hoffmann(above, cement tiles at anthropologie and clé cement tiles from ruan hoffmann's series)


cement hexagons and anthropologie(above, hexagonal cement tiles and anthropologie's tile patterned bedding)


cement tile patchwork and anthropologie(above, patchwork cement tiles looking good with anthropologie patchwork durie)


california anthropologie watermark fusion (above, watermark indigo custom mural and anthropologie indigo sofa)