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let's do the twist - diamond twist with west elm

monday mention - crossing our hearts, black and white cement tile 

monday mention - watermark in coastal living

green envy

in the pink, with zellige tiles

how do we make a difference?

like fashion... mixing hi/lo is the best trend - Part 2

2016-year of the handmade black/white cement tile zenith

happy holidays from team clé

Like fashion... mixing hi/lo is the best trend - Part 1

grey ombrés and good election vibes

in opposition to trump - good ombrés

best of 2016... get out the vote

it’s here, have fear…halloween pin-fest

a california tour of a classic - white subway tile

get the look with clé essentials - industrial inspired bathroom

transforming rio brazil with graffiti - coletivo muda tile

athos bulcão - gold medalist of brazilian architecture!

get the look... met gala 2016

outdoor tile...from selection to sealants.

featured cement tile - "london apothecary"

zellige - why these glazed terracotta tiles are hot

we're vexed by hex's...grey cement hexagon tile!

featured cement tile - "modern roman holiday"

holiday sparkle - zellige is the sequin of the tile world.

did someone say hexagonal tile? inspiration for your next project

hexagon tiles - what’s all the buzz?

tiles aren't created equal: why high end tile is worth the investment

farm fresh...cement tile hex's and squares

clé springing black and white tiles all over april...

Tile Envy: We have a book!

ruan hoffmann artisan tiles looking good with anthropologie...

new clé cement tile patterns, colors and shapes...in stock now!

Timorous Beasties art tiles in Vogue magazine

art tile product of the year? thank you KBCULTURE awards 2014

thanks Sunset Magazine Idea House 2014 and LA Times

a design version of a centerfold with luxe magazine...

art tiles inspire tennis shoes?

vogue, mama's, babies and clé...

tile pairing magic -black & white cement tile, zellige subway tile...

HELLO SOUTH AFRICA! clé art tiles makes it to your shores!!

cement tile debut - "big al" paired with translucent blue zellige

chillin' with some cool breezy art tiles...gold verdigris style.

a double-whammy! Interior Design Spring Tabloid features clé. twice!!

World of Interiors, features clé watermark collection of art tiles.

artisan tiles make it to the UK...in heart home magazine.

luxe magazine for spring...includes art tiles- watermark collection!

big dane- encaustic cement tile making a big impression

today in the studio...federal blue sweeps over our cement tiles

fornasetti and diamond twist cement tiles...

thanks! architect magazine, clé watermark collection, lookin' good!

persimmons, anyone? the season is still early, but not for art tiles!

glazed brick tiles...you know, subway ain't the only way!

from vogue, "ripped from the runway" - designer indigo (and art tiles).

ruan hoffmann's art tiles, much love me...all over the place, yeah!

art tiles: new magazine features grey & gold

art tile, cement tile and anthropologie.

cement tiles in VOGUE?...always makes our day!

stella mccartney & watermark indigo ceramic tile?

cement tiles - blues clues

artisan tiles making a beautiful noise...white noise...

custom tile of the day- cement tiles, this time!

tile pairings...cement tile and limestone tile??

artist updates...ruan hoffmann at anthropologie! art tiles, and more!

river rock - the first tile?

thanks, New York Times! introducing newest clé art tiles.

artistic tile: il monile byzantina mosaics, grout or not?

your white kitchen backsplash- it's all about high fashion art tiles!

continued: our top 10 white tiles for your kitchen backsplash

white subway tile for your kitchen backsplash- top 10 clé favorites.

dish is it! on clé pinterest and on art blog, little owl design-

artistic tile in a metallic finish? still winning the gold!

artisan tile from ruan hoffmann

best tips for selecting the right kitchen tiles for your lifestyle