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let's do the twist - diamond twist with west elm

Fri, Apr 07, 2017

taking a classic cement tile pattern and giving it a twist…2 shades of blue keep this cement tile pattern classic, moody, and vibrant.

featured in west elm's summer catalog diamond twist offers a modern and fresh backdrop for their incredible new collections. a geometric stunner for sure! 

if you want a look that's as classic as it is provocative look no further than "diamond twist." and of course some shopping at west elm might be in order to pull the space together! 


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monday mention - crossing our hearts, black and white cement tile 

Mon, Apr 03, 2017

it's time for our monday mention! today we are looking at cross featured in milieu magazine, as well as some of our other favorite black and white cement tile patterns. cross is a pattern of diminutive crosses repeating throughout a simple format. this clean and elegant approach produces an austere pattern with a gothic vibe. sounds irresistible? it is, especially if you have a floor or wall that needs a simplistic touch with a strong visual.

thank you for the feature milieu! 

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monday mention - watermark in coastal living

Mon, Mar 27, 2017

header image | portraits to the people 

today we are sharing a different kind of monday blues for our press mention! featured in coastal living's "blue issue" (which is an ode to the beauty and bounty of the ocean), watermark adds the perfect touch to this beautiful ocean inspired spread. 

the featured indigo dip watermark is part of the original watermark collection and if you love it you will also love our recently released new watermark series tideswhich artist-in-residence, luca osburn, has named for the "magical quality of the tides effecting the waves that greet him each session."

thank you coastal living!

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green envy

Wed, Mar 15, 2017

not typically a fan of shades of green, we decided to begin to collect emerald-colored images onto a pinboard to see if they continued to capture our curiosity. we can’t believe it’s already managed to become one of our favorite pinboards. inspired by these beautiful images we have added green colorways to many of our cement patterns and even our watermark! who knew shades of green would capture us and our clients curiosity in such a big way? 

filled with mostly art, fashion, spaces and places (and tiles!) we thought it would be fun to entice you all to “follow” clé's pinterest this year as we weave through a 2017 filled with emerald envy. please be sure to click on the collage, below, to watch as our emerald inspiration unfolds (and hopefully how yours does too). 

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in the pink, with zellige tiles

Mon, Feb 13, 2017

pink has gone crazy at clé. mostly because it's going through the roof, everywhere. it is the season for shades of pink and red afterall (valentine's day). we were compelled to create a pink pinboard and found that once we started our pinboard, there was nooooooo turning back- today a peek at our "pin-k board" and some of our favorite shades of pink and red zellige tiles...  

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how do we make a difference?

Fri, Jan 20, 2017

this has been a constant theme at clé. and recently, we’ve been asking ourselves this question, not just in the way we select our products, support our artists, work with our clients and engage with our team mates. but we’ve also been asking ourselves the bigger question- how can we make a difference every day for one another, in our communities and in our world.

it’s not a small question.

and so, in an attempt to meet the bigness of this question with a response that we could actually muster, we realized that the best solution might not be the grandest. perhaps we can take baby steps toward a future we can all support. let’s not get frightened to make a difference when the future looks bleak. even the smallest action can lead to a bigger outcome, especially when joined with efforts from one another.

so this friday, on the perch of the future, clé is committing to the bigger question with our promise of smaller ongoing actions that we trust when woven together will make for bigger results. today, we commit to trying our best to support the greater whole. we commit to not turning away from the harder questions. we commit to sharing ourselves and our resources with those in need. we commit to using our talents to better the world around us. we commit to being better people. we commit to acting out of love and not hate.

and we invite all of you to take your own baby steps toward the future you believe in. we hope you might use today as your own launch toward taking action to make a difference in the world and the lives around you. the point being, we believe little steps daily, and monthly can add up to a lot of steps yearly. if we can all take small actions every day- they can only amount to big changes.

with love and gratitude, 

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like fashion... mixing hi/lo is the best trend - Part 2

Mon, Jan 09, 2017

this week we are continuing our celebration of mixing high/lo to give you design inspiration for any project no matter your budget. these mesmerizing pairings of our artists' tile collection mixed with our clé classics are the perfect start to help you create your own dream tile combinations. whether you are creating a space with your pennies or your black american express clé has tile options for you. 

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2016-year of the handmade black/white cement tile zenith

Fri, Dec 30, 2016

2016 was definitely the year of zenith and it's still going strong. it's easy to see why - zenith is a black and white handmade cement tile that is finely geometric. it is perfect as a perfect pattern or in our preferred layout- zany and random. it has an endless amount of pattern layouts and no two installations are exactly alike. 

as we move into 2017 we wanted to pause to appreciate what an amazing year 2016 has been for clé. we launched a new website, won an interior design best of year award, grew our team (we are now a whopping 20 people), and worked with so many wonderful and talented clients. even though it is quite fitting that a zany encaustic cement tile would be our biggest seller (let's be honest... 2016 was pretty crazy), it has been a wonderful year for clé. so cheers to you and 2016!


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happy holidays from team clé

Sun, Dec 25, 2016

photos | header by hildemork 

a big thank you for making 2016 our best year yet and wishing you lots of happiness during this holiday season. - team clé 

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Like fashion... mixing hi/lo is the best trend - Part 1

Wed, Dec 14, 2016

is it just us, or have you noticed that the entire human race has become really adept with their personal fashion presentation? thanks to fashion savvy folks the streets look far better than the runway!

but, let’s face it- how we are dressed represents our first calling card. so naturally, it’s good to make the right impression- yes? and following in a close second for personal design acuity is our growing home fashion sense. again, thanks to the internet we seem to be finely tuning our skills with regard to fitting our nests with the latest and greatest. our access to more home design inspiration (blogs, tv, the web) has become one of our favorite past-times, turning our eye toward a universe of possibilities we probably would have never experienced, otherwise. 

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